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Pigment Carbon Black For Automotive Coatings/ Industrial Coatings / Marine Coatings /Metal Coatings/ Powder Coatings/Wood Coatings/Conductive Coatings

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  • Automotive Coatings 

Automotive coating formulators demand some of the most stringent color performance requirements and are constantly pushing for higher jetness and bluer undertone.

Recommend Grades: BCT1 , BCT2, BC1000


  • Industrial Coatings / Marine Coatings /Metal Coatings 

Industrial coatings are designed to protect and decorate metals for a multitude of applications.

Recommend Grades: BC1000, BC1100, BC2100, BC2200


  • Powder Coatings

Recommend Grades: BC1100, BC2100, BC2200, BL220A, BL110U( formerly as BC4429), BL180.


Wood Coatings

Recommend Grades:  BC1100, BC2100, BL220A

Wood Coatings.png

Architectural Coatings 

Color performance is a key performance requirement in architectural coating applications.

Recommend Grades:  BC2200, BL220A, BL110U.


Conductive Coatings

Thermoplastic primers and anti-static coatings demand a balance of color, conductivity and processability.

Recommend Grades: CCB-XT1, CCB-XT2