High Purity Pigment Carbon Black For Synthetic Fibers

High Purity Pigment Carbon Black For Synthetic Fibers

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High Purity Pigment Carbon Black for Fiber. Carbon Black BS A60B

Beilum Carbon BSA60B Specialty Carbon Black (High Purity) is pigment grade offering excellent cleanliness along with good color strength and bluish undertone for synthetic fibers.

Our Pigment Carbon Black provide the competitive advantages to fine-denier synthetic fiber spinnersand masterbatch color concentrate producers:

1. Good color and bluish undertone with low sulphur content, Low ash;

High Fastness,Excellent Dispersion and Spinability 

2. Very high purity,excellent filterability, increased spin-pack life and reduced fiber breakage. The value of filter(FPV) is below 0.3 bar/g.

3. Easy-to-process due to lower masterbatch viscosity and higher masterbatch loading.

Application field: PET,PBT,PP,PE FIBER

Beilum specialty carbon black is typically used in applications where extremely high pigment cleanliness is required, such as fine denier synthetic fibers

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