Synthetic Fibers require quality Pigment Carbon Black

2019-11-05 10:03:57 10

Pigment Carbon black have a certain influence on the production process and product quality fibers, so understanding fiber performance, quality requirements and application process carbon black, synthetic fiber production process in order to ensure smooth, and ultimately the product has good antistatic and conductive properties .

According to the production process and product performance requirements for producing a fiber product, the main consideration of the carbon black particle size, particle size distribution, dispersion, color strength and other properties. If these considerations properly, not only affect the normal spinning, but also affect the physical and mechanical properties of carbon black conductive composite fiber.

Antistatic, conductive fiber quality carbon black, has distribution filtration, dispersion, particle size and particle size. Followed by quality carbon fiber dyeing, there is dilution performance color intensity blue light, masterbatch.

Beilum Carbon BSA60B Specialty Carbon Black (High Purity) is pigment grade offering excellent cleanliness along with good color strength and bluish undertone for synthetic fibers.

Our Pigment Carbon Black provide the competitive advantages to fine-denier synthetic fiber spinnersand masterbatch color concentrate producers:

1. Good color and bluish undertone with low sulphur content, Low ash; High Fastness,Excellent Dispersion and Spinability 

2. Very high purity,excellent filterability, increased spin-pack life and reduced fiber breakage. 

3. Easy-to-process due to lower masterbatch viscosity and higher masterbatch loading.

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