Processing technology by conductive carbon black

2019-11-06 18:00:01 3

(1) conductive masterbatch:the super conductive carbon black and the carrier,established in accordance with the proportion of feed on high mixingmachine, dispersant,antioxidant,grafting agent and other additives, mixing together,and then double screw extruder.This is called the primary conductive masterbatch,can be used to meet for ordinary pipe. Add the amount of about 20%.

  Carbon concentration not ordinary conductive carbon black masterbatch is very high,especially the mixed carbon black and the resin nanometer level, it is difficult to achieve a high dosage,high dosage is easy to see the fire, until the cause resin decomposition.

  (2) master batch drying,installing the filter for two time extrusion granulation,this process can be made into special/Universal masterbatchaccording to need,or diluted to the required concentration,packaging can be used as conductive masterbatch. As the plastic masterbatch must have and the conductivity value in sufficient concentrations,the conductivity of less than 50ohms.As it is the final product,please note that the filter threshold of various conductive carbon black used in resin, excessive use of no practical significance!

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