Beilum Pigment Carbon Black for Plastic Products

2020-03-04 04:00:16 5

  A major attribute of pigment carbon black is its ability to absorb detrimental UV light and convert it into heat, thereby making plastics, such as polyolefins and polyethylene, more resistant to the UV radiation from sunlight. Fine particle carbon black provides deep jet black color for plastic products manufactured by injection molding, extrusion and other processes.

  Carbon Blacks provide electrical conductivity and antistatic properties to many plastic products ranging from insulation materials to highly conductive areas.

  Carbon black may be incorporated into thermosets or thermoplastics for color, tint or functional reasons. The entire spectrum of carbon blacks is employed in mass color plastic applications and use will depend upon loading, dispersion and cost. The coarser specialty carbon blacks are excellent choices in applications where blue tone, tint strength, ease of dispersion and high gloss are preferred.

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