Pigment Carbon Black for Inkjet Inks and Toner.

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Pigment Carbon Black for Inkjet Inks and Toner.

Inkjet Inks

Pigment Carbon Black based inkjet inks have assumed leading market positions in desktop as well as wide-format inkjet printing since they provide outstanding light and water fastness as well as superior optical densities. Beilum Carbon Black have become the state of the art in inkjet ink pigments. Irrespective of the print head technology, they allow the formulation of inkjet inks to meet the highest requirements in today´s home, office and commercial inkjet printers.


The selection of Specialty Carbon Black allows for controlling the tribo-charge as well as modifying the elasticity of the binder resin. Through adjustment of the binder elasticity, both grindability and fixing behavior of the toner can be optimized. This results in higher throughput rate in the milling process as well as a broader window for the fusing process.

The surface chemistry, primary particle size and dispersibility are important Carbon Black Pigment properties influencing toner performance

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