The elongation stress of carbon black Analysis

2020-02-01 18:56:33 13

The elongation stress essentially reflects the ability of the vulcanizate mesh structure to resist deformation under external forces. The stress required when a vulcanizate specimen is stretched to a certain elongation is divided by the cross-sectional area before the specimen is stretched. The value obtained is called the constant elongation stress.The tensile stress at 300% is often used as a measure of the strength of vulcanized adhesive.The constant elongation stress is greatly affected by the structure of carbon black, the structure rises, and the constant elongation stress rises. In addition, the constant elongation stress has a certain relationship with the specific surface area and surface activity of carbon black.In the hard carbon black series, as the specific surface area increases, the elongation stress decreases. In the soft carbon black series, as the specific surface area decreases, the elongation stress decreases. Furthermore, the higher the surface activity, the greater the elongation stress. The higher the 300% elongation stress, the smaller the elongation at break, the better the toughness of the rubber.

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