Relevant solved cases in carbon black application Insufficiency of blackness

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Relevant solved cases in specialty carbon black application Insufficiency of blackness.

1.First, figure out whether the kind of carbon black is right. Blackness is one of the characteristic index of carbon black.Try to use low-blackness carbon black,under the condition of meeting the requirements.In addition, acidity or alkalinity,and the height of structure are all important index that should be taken into consideration when deciding the kind of carbon black.Please contact professional people when necessary.

2.In most cases, problems exist in the dispersion process,as fineness doesn't reach the standard.

--Carbon black should be soaked in solvent,resin and dispersing agent for more than 24h before dispersing.

--Check the dispersing process, especially the temperature,proportion and etc.that affect guarant viscosity.

--Check the content of carbon black in the formula.Insufficiency of carbon black will also lead to the insufficiency of blackness.

--Check the kind and dosage of auxiliaries.

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