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Physical Characteristics-Pigment Carbon Black

Is carbon black a nanoparticle?

While primary particle (near spherical building blocks of Carbon Black) diameters are generally in the 10-300 nanometer range, carbon black products as placed into commerce (the final product) are agglomerates, which are much larger in size (100 - 1000 nanometers in diameter). These agglomerates do not break down into smaller components (e.g., aggregates) because of the effect of van der Waals forces unless adequate force is applied (i.e., shear force). Thus, as placed on the market, carbon black products are not nanoparticles.

Does carbon black migrate from plastic packaging materials into foodstuffs?

Per scientific investigation, carbon black does not migrate from plastic packaging.  Carbon Black was investigated to assess the possibility, and if applicable the quantity of nanoparticles migration from plastic materials used in the food packaging industry. Based on this investigation it can be concluded that nanoparticles of Pigment Carbon Black do not migrate into food once it is incorporated into a plastics food contact material.

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