Performance Measures-Pigment Carbon Black | Beilum Carbon

2020-05-06 19:00:37 17

The requirements of applicability of Carbon Black Pigment are critical, their importance also vary according to application. Few such requirements are discussed here:

Color Strength- Colour strength of a few type of specialty carbon Blacks as appearing in Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) polymer is shown in the graph.

Masterbatch Dilutability- Masterbatch dilutability is approximated and compared by the process of measuring the melt viscosity of a given masterbatch formulation. In fact masterbatch dilutability is critical. In the selection of the right carbon black and can result in saving substantial formulation cost.

UV Stability- By addition of carbon black, the stability with regard to UV rays can be increased.

Carbon Black Dispersability ;Blue Tone

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