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2019-12-14 14:04:36 11

The China coatings market has been pushing forward by the government to a future scenario in which only companies with environmentally friendly products and scale of production can survive and develop their business further. Under stricter environmental protection regulations, hundreds and even thousands of small coatings companies retreated from the market, a phenomenon also seen in other industrial sectors. Those coatings companies that have accumulated favorite brand recognition in the market and enough capital are taking advantage of this market trend and quickly stepping up their expansion activities. It is estimated that since the beginning of 2019 the start of the construction for at least 10 large coatings investment projects in China has been reported publicly. Nippon has been tapping into this market situation by upgrading its coatings production process in its new plants in China. The design of the new plant in Xianning, Hubei province is based on the standard of Industry 4.0. Only 50 workers are needed to run the production facility which can produce 200 thousand tons per year at the moment.

And the total capacity can be expanded to 300 thousand tons in the future.

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