Characteristics of Specialty Carbon Blacks

2019-10-31 21:07:59 9

1. Comparing with other, Specialty Carbon Black is better in tinting strength and hiding power.

2. Comparing with other,pigment carbon black is good in durability on heat, chemicals and light.

3. Carbon black is difficult to disperse stably in the organic resin system because its particle size only ranges from a few nanometers to dozens of nanometers,and porosity reaches 90%,moreover,it is inorganic materials.However,carbon black after strict control and treated with special craft can be well dispersed in paints,inks and plastic system.

4. Comparing with rubber carbon black,Pigment carbon black has higher and more specific requirements in blackness,tinting strength,surface activity,conductivity,ash,light transmittance of toluene,dispersibility,fluidity and other technical indexes.esin systems,and for the production of color masterbatches for thermoplastics.

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